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It is made with both white and brown sugars and is originated 
mostly in United States as snacks in American cuisine.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies


(1) Butter- 1 cup
(2) Granulated Sugar- ¾ cup
(3) Flour- 2 cups
(4) Brown Sugar- ¾ cup
(5) Eggs- 1
(7) Vanilla Essence- 1 teaspoon
(8) Baking Soda- 1 teaspoon
(9) Sweet Chocolate Chips- 2 cups

Chocolate Icing:


(1) Preheat the oven at 400 degrees F, then in a bowl, add butter, sugars, egg and vanilla and beat nicely, then add flour, baking soda and salt and make firm dough.

(2) With the help of tablespoon, drop the dough rounded spoonful and around 2 inch apart from one another on a greased cookie sheet

(3) Bake it for 10 minutes or required till gets golden brown, then keep them aside for cooling.

Yummy and delicious Chocolate Chip cookies are ready, enjoy it!

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