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It is the basic fried rice and can be accompanied by various dishes.

Chinese Fried Rice

Recipe for Fried Rice


(1) Cooked Rice - 4 cups
(2) Carrot - 1
(3) Green Onions- 2
(4) Oil- 2 tablespoons
(5) Salt and pepper to taste
(6) Soy Sauce- 2 tablespoons


(1) Chop the carrot and green onions nicely and keep aside.

(2) Heat oil in wok, then add onion, carrot, salt and pepper and then sauté it nicely.

(3) Then add cooked rice in it and mix well and cook for few minutes.

(4) Then add soy sauce in it and mix it well, cook until it gets desired colour and gets aromatic.

Fried Rice is ready to be served; it can be accompanied by Szechuan Chicken or Kung Pao Chicken.

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