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This is the recipe for a great and delicious mousse made by 
Bournville dark rich chocolate.

Bournville Mousse

Recipe for Bournville Mousse


(1) Bourneville rich chocolate- 250 grams
(2) Fresh Cream- 2 tablespoons
(3) Whipping Cream- 200 grams
(4) Golden Syrup- 1 tablespoon


(1) Break in pieces the rich dark chocolate into a bowl and then keep it in microwave for a minute so that the chocolate will melt.

Breaking the Bournville Chocolate

take it out the bowl and stir the chocolate so that it will get dissolved properly.

Stirring the hot chocolate

(2) Then add golden syrup and fresh cream into it and whisk it nicely.
Adding Golden Syrup

Adding Fresh Cream

Then mix nicely
(3) Now in another bowl, whisk the cream nicely, then add the chocolate sauce in it and mix it nicely.

Whisking the cream

Adding Chocolate Sauce

(4) Then put the mixture into a piping bag and then pipe out in small bowls and refrigerate it till gets sets.

Put Chocolate Mixture in piping bag

Pipe it out in small bowl
Bournville Mousse is ready, have a great heavenly experience with it because "You earned it".

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