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This is an exotic egg recipe originated in South India, sour and spicy so what’s say?

Katha Anda (Sour Egg Curry)

Recipe for Katha Anda


(1) Eggs (boiled) - 6
(2) Onion (sliced) - 2 big
(3) Green Chilli (chopped) - 5
(4) Cumin seed- ½ teaspoon
(5) Mustard seed- ½ teaspoons
(6) Fenugreek seeds- ½ teaspoons
(7) Tamarind water- 4 cup or as required
(8) Tomato (chopped) - 3
(9) Salt as required
(10) Coriander leaves as required
(11) Chilli-garlic masala- 1 teaspoon
(12) Oil- 1 ½ tablespoon
(13) Ginger-Garlic paste- 1 teaspoon
(14) Turmeric powder- ½ teaspoon


(1) Fry the boiled eggs (make a small cut in eggs) in a wok and then keep it aside.

(2) In a wok, heat the oil, add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, and roast them and then fry onion and green chillies till turns brown, then add tomato, add salt and cook till it gets melt, then put ginger-garlic paste, turmeric powder, chilli-garlic powder and fry for two minutes.

(3) Then add tamarind water in it and mix nicely and then put fried eggs in it, simmer it till gets thick gravy.

Garnish it with coriander leaves while serving.

Happy Cooking!

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