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It is delicious dough filled with vanilla cream and topped with 
chocolate icing.

Chocolate Éclairs

Recipe for Chocolate Éclairs


(1) Butter- ½ cup
(2) Water- 1 cup
(3) Flour- 1 cup
(4) Salt- ¼ teaspoon
(5) Eggs- 4

For Filling

(1) Milk- 2 ½ cups
(2) Vanilla pudding mix- 140 grams
(3) Whipping Cream- 1 cup
(4) Sugar - ¼ cup
(5) Vanilla Essence- 1 teaspoon

Chocolate Icing: Click Here


(1) Heat the saucepan and then add water and butter in it, stir it nicely so that butter will melt and bring it to boil.

(2) Reduce the heat and then add salt and flour, stir vigorously till it get combines nicely and leave the sides of pan and forms like ball structure, remove it from fire and then add egg one by one while mixing it nicely.

(3) With a tablespoon, make 4 inch long and 1 ½ inch wide pieces from the dough as éclairs shape and put it in greased baking dish.

(4) Bake at 450 degrees F for 15 minutes, then reduce it to 300 degrees F for 20 minutes and then keep them aside for cooling.

(5) Now for filling, take a large bowl, whisk milk and vanilla pudding mix for few minutes then keep it aside. In another bowl, whip the cream until gets soft peaks, then add sugar and vanilla and mix nicely and then mix it in pudding mixture and mix well.

(6) Now fill the pudding cream in the baked éclairs shells and spread chocolate icing over it.

Chocolate Éclairs is ready to be served!

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