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Friends, well this is the different way of making Maggie in different style and that is Chow Mein style. Believe it or not it tastes better than the original Maggie cooking style.

Maggie Chow Mein Style

Recipe for Chow Mein Maggie


(1) Maggie noodles pack- 150 grams
(2) Onion- 
(3) Chillies- 2-3 
(4) Capsicum- 1 
(5) Carrot (diced)- 50 grams
(6) Garlic- 2-3 
(7) Oil- 1 tablespoon
(8) Tomato sauce- 1 cup
(9) Salt to taste


(1) First boil the water in the bowl and add noodles into it and stir slowly for 2 minutes till noodles get softened and then strain it and keep aside.

(2) Now heat the pan and add oil, then add diced onion, garlic and chilli and fry for few minutes till gets brown after that add capsicum and carrot diced and cook for more few minutes till gets cooked and then add salt.

(3) Then add the Maggie masala which is there inside Maggie packet and tomato sauce and cook it for 2 minutes.

(4) Then add the boiled noodles and mix it nicely and cook for 2 minutes.

(5) Maggie Chow Mein style is ready folks, hope you enjoy it.

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