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This is the most popular multi-cuisine recipe which includes 
Indonesian, Chinese and Indian Cuisines; it has dry and gravy
variants which can be made without much difference.

Chilli Chicken

Recipe for Chilli Chicken


(1) Boneless chicken (diced) - 600 grams
(2) Ginger (chopped) - ¼ teaspoon
(3) Egg White- 2 cups
(4) Salt to taste
(5) Corn Flour- 1 ½ teaspoons + 2 teaspoons for Sauce
(6) Chilli Sauce- 2 teaspoons
(7) Butter Milk- ¾ cup or as required
(8) Tomato Sauce- 3 tablespoons
(9) Oil- 5 tablespoons
(10) Soy Sauce- 1 ½ tablespoons
(11) Vinegar- 1 ½ tablespoons
(12) Chicken Stock- 2 tablespoons
(13) Water- 2 tablespoons
(14) Capsicum (sliced) - 1 large
(15) Onions (sliced) - 2 large
(16) Chillies- 4
(17) Garlic (chopped) - 4 cloves


(1) In a bowl, add chicken, salt and ginger and marinate for 15 minutes. On the other side beat the egg white and 1 ½ tablespoons corn flour and then coat the chicken pieces with this mixture.

(2) Now to prepare sauce, in a pan add chilli sauce, tomato sauce, soy sauce, vinegar and chicken stock, make a paste of water and corn flour and then cook the sauce in medium heat and when it starts to boil, add the corn flour mixture in it and mix nicely till gets thickened and then remove it from heat.

(3) Heat oil in a pan and fry the chicken till gets golden brown in colour then keep it aside.

(4) Then heat oil in pan and sauté the onions, chillies and capsicum for 5 minutes and then add the sauce in pan and then add the fried chicken and cook until the sauce gets desired consistency.

Chilli Chicken is ready to be served, garnish it with coriander leaves.

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