Posted by : Lekhraj Thursday, 18 April 2013

This is one of the best fruit cocktail ever, especially for girls.

Orange Caipiroska

Recipe for Orange Caipiroska


(1) Orange slices- 3 pcs
(2) Fresh Lemon- 2 pcs
(3) Orange juice- 2 ounce
(4) Lemonade(optional)- 2 ounce
(5) Sugar- 1 teaspoon
(6) Vodka/Sprite- 2 ounce


Mix the sugar with sliced lemon and orange in glass bottom, then add ice and vodka and stir it well, if you don't like alcohol then use sprite or any other cold drink instead of vodka and after that add lemonade or orange juice and stir well.

Serve it chill!

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