Posted by : Lekhraj Monday, 22 April 2013

Stir fried fishes, squids with prawns in hot basil sauce can be a great combination for sea food lovers.

Recipe for Talay Pahd Bai Graprou


(1) Squid- 60 grams
(2) Prawn- 60 grams
(3) Fish- 60 grams
(4) Beans- 7-8 pieces
(5) Red Chilies- 4 pieces
(6) Garlic- 3-4 cloves
(7) Sugar- 5 grams
(8) Soy Sauce- 10 ml                                        
(9) Lime Leaves- 2 sprigs
(10) Basil leaves- 2 sprigs     
(11) Fish stock- 100 ml
(12) Dark Soy sauce- 2 ml


(1) In a bowl, add fish, prawns, squid and dark soy sauce and mix it well.

(2) In a pan, cook the chopped garlic and chilies, then add squid, prawn, fish and beans and cook it till gets brown.

(3) Then add Fish Stock and after sometime add lime leaves and basil leaves, sprinkle with light soy sauce.

Your dish is ready, serve hot with rice!

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