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Easy to make butter scotch Ice cream at home.

Butter Scotch Ice Cream

Recipe for Butter-Scotch Ice-Cream


(1) Milk- 500 ml
(2) Icing sugar- ¼ cup
(3) Milk powder- ¼ cup
(4) Butter Scotch Essence- ½ teaspoon
(5) Yellow food color- ½ teaspoon  
(6) Condensed Milk- ½ cup

For Praline

(1) Sugar- 100 grams
(2) Powdered Cashew nut- ¼ cup
(3) Oil for greasing


For Praline

(1) Heat the sugar in pan till it caramelizes and turns brown-golden color.

(2) Remove from fire and mix cashew nuts powder and mix it well.

(3) Pour the mixture into greased surface and let it hardened nicely when it cools down, and after that break it into small pieces.

For Ice Cream

(1) Mix milk, condensed milk, icing sugar, food color nicely, whisk it nicely to avoid lumps formation.

(2) Add the mixture to the pan and simmer it for 6-8 minutes and stir nicely.

(3) When it’s cooled then add butter scotch essence in it and mix nicely.

(4) Pour the mixture in a container and cover it, then freeze it in freezer.

(5) Add the mixture in blender and churn it till the ice crystals breaks down, it should be thick and soft, not watery.

(6) Mix the ice cream and praline and freeze again till it gets firm.

Ice Cream is ready to be served!

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