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Good for breakfast and evening snacks.

Egg Roll

Recipe for Chicken Roll


(1) Egg- 2
(2) Onion- 1
(3) Cucumber- 1
(4) Chili (chopped) - 2
(5) Coriander leaves- 1/3 cup
(6) Salt to taste
(7) Tomato Sauce- 1 cup
(8) Chili sauce- ½ cup
(9) Maida Paratha- 2 piece


(1) Slice the cucumber into julienne and slice 1 onion and keep aside.

(2) Then make Maida Parathas, I’ve posted how to make Maida Parathas here.

(3) In a small bowl, whisk one egg, add salt into it then heat oil in pan, and make plain omelette of that egg mixture, when u put the egg in pan and before it gets fully cooked put the paratha over it so that the omelette will stick to the paratha, then cook it nicely. Do the same with the other egg also.

(4) Now put sliced onions, cucumber, coriander leaves, tomato and chilli sauce over it, add seasonings too and then fold it and cover the downward part with tissue paper or other.

Your egg roll is ready, serve 2 person.

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