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It is one on the famous breakfast in Indonesia.

Nasi Uduk

Recipe for Nasi Uduk


(1) Jasmine Rice- 2 cups
(2) Milk- 1 cup
(3) Water- 1 cup
(4) Cassia Bark- 3
(5) Lemon Leaves- 2
(6) Salt as required


(1) In a cooker, add all the ingredients together except rice and let it boil.

(2) Add the rice and cook until its done.

Nasi Uduk is made by cooking rice soaked in coconut milk instead
of water, along with clove, cassia bark, and lemon grass. 

It is commonly served with an assortment of side dishes, such as 
eggs omelette, shredded omelette, or telur balado, a hard-boiled egg in sambal sauce, fried beef, beef stew in sweet soy sauce, fried chicken or shredded chicken, anchovy with peanuts, rice vermicelli, fritters such as fried tempeh, potato patties or corn fritter, melinjo chips or onion cracker, and fried onion sprinkled on the top of the rice.

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