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It is prepared from brown roux and Brown Stock.

Espagnole Sauce

Recipe for Espagnole Sauce

Ingredients (1 liter)

(1) Flour- 70 grams
(2) Butter- 70 grams
(3) Tomato Puree- 30 grams
(4) Brown Stock- 1.3 liters     
(5) Oil- 2 tablespoon
(6) Mirepoix for flavoring
(7) Carrots- 70 grams                  
(8) Onions- 70 grams                                                     


(1) In a thick-bottomed pan, prepare brown roux and keep aside for cooling

(2) Then add tomato puree and stir properly to prevent lumps.

(3) Gradually mix in hot Brown Stock, stirring vigorously to blend well and cook on a gentle fire.

(4) Cook the mirepoix, carrots and onion in oil and add it to the sauce.

(5) Simmer gently for 3 to 4 hours.

(6) Remove the scum when it comes on top.

(7) Strain and cover with a thin layer of butter.

NB: Over-browning should be avoided, as it tends to make the sauce bitter.

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