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It is a common fruit cocktail used to serve in grand parties and 5 star hotels.
Green Apple Mojito

Recipe for Green Apple Mojito


(1) Lime- ½ piece
(2) Mint Leaves as required
(3) Apple segment- ½ piece  
(4) Green apple mixybar- 3 cl
(5) MixyBar Lime- 0.5 cl
(6) MixyBar Menta Bianca- 0.5 cl
(7) Crushed ice cubes as required
(8) Soda, seltzer or sparkling water as required


(1) Crush the fruits like apple, lime , mint then add Green apple mixybar  and pour in tumbler with ice.

(2) Add mixybar lime and mixybar menta binaca and shake it well.

(3) Then decorate it with apple, lime and mint.

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