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Learn how to make chocolate ice cream at home.

Chocolate Ice Cream

Recipe for Chocolate Ice Cream


(1) Condensed Milk- 300 ml
(2) Dark Cocoa powder- 5 teaspoon
(3) Milk- 400 ml
(4) Sugar- ½ cup
(5) Cream- 250 grams


(1) Boil and simmer the milk till it get thickened.

(2) In a bowl, add cocoa powder and milk and mix it well, then add the mixture to the boiling milk and then add sugar.

(3) Continue cooking till it gets thick and then cool it down.

(4) In a bowl add the mixture and add condensed milk to it and mix the mixture in blender well and then add cream and mix it well.

(5) Then transfer the mixture to ice cream bowl and keep it for half an hour so that it gets set.

(6) Then keep it freezer for 4-5 hours and then mix in blender again so that ice crystals will break and it will become smooth and then keep again in freeze for 1 hour.

Chocolate Ice Cream is ready to be served, garnish it with chocolate chip or Vanilla Cream.

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