Posted by : Lekhraj Tuesday, 2 April 2013

It is prepared from blond roux and stock (Fish Stock)

Veloute Sauce

Recipe for Veloute Sauce

Ingredients (1 liter)

(1) Flour- 90 grams                                                                       
(2) Butter- 90 grams
(3) Stock- 1 liter
(4) Mushroom trimmings- 25 grams


(1) In a thick-bottomed pan, prepare blond roux.

(2) Add cold Fish Stock into the roux, stir vigorously to avoid lumps.

(3) Add mushroom trimmings.

(4) Simmer gently for one hour, stirring frequently with the wooden spoon.

(5) Pass through a fine strainer and cover with butter to prevent the formation of skin.

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