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Hi guys, most friends are wondering what is stock, so I’m going to teach how to prepare a stock. Lets start with brown basic stock. Before that I need to tell you that it takes a lot time to make a stock (6 hours) so prepare it in advance before making sauce, soup or any gravy. So lets start!

Beef Stock

Recipe for Brown Stock

Ingredients (1 liter)

(1) Beef bones- 500 grams
(2) Carrot- 50 grams
(3) Onion- 25 grams

Bouquet Garni

(1) Leeks- 25 grams
(2) Celery- 25 grams
(3) Parsley- 6 grams
(4) Bay leaf- 1
(5) Thyme- 1 sprig
(6) Water- 2 liters


(1) Cut or break the bones into 3” to 4” pieces and remove all the marrow.

(2) Wash and place into stock-pot and add water.

(3) Bring to a boil and skim off the scum, add cold water and wipe the sides of the stock-pot clean damp cloth.

(4) Add whole vegetables and the bouquet garni.

(5) Allow the stock to simmer gently for 6 hours.

(6) Pass through muslin cloth, re-boil and cool it.

That’s all friends you first stock is ready.

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