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A great combination of mutton and pulao.

Yakhni Pulao

Recipe for Yakhni Pulao


(1) Rice- 500 grams
(2) Mutton- 500 grams
(3) Onion- 250 grams + 500 grams
(4) Ginger- 50 grams
(5) Oil- 100 ml
(6) Garlic- 50 grams
(7) Cumin seeds- 50 grams
(8) Bay leaf- 4
(9) Peppercorn- 20 grams
(10) Whole Garam masala- 20 grams
(11) Mace- 2 leaves
(12) Caraway seeds- 30 grams
(13) Ghee- 100 grams
(14) Curd- 200 grams
(15) Salt to taste


(1) Heat water in bowl, add mutton pieces in it, Soak the rice for 2 hours from before only.

(2) Make a bouquet garni, by keeping diced onion (250 grams), ginger, garlic, whole garam masala, bay leaf, pepper corn, mace, caraway seeds together in one muslin cloth tied, and then put it in boiling water with mutton pieces.

(3) Then strain the water and keep for for use, (strained water is main ingredient for this recipe), keep the mutton pieces and throw away the bouquet garni.

(4) Heat oil in a large bowl, add chopped onions (500 grams) and cook till gets brown, then add rice and mutton pieces, then add curd and salt and mix further.

(5) Add water in it double the quantity of rice i.e. 4 & 1/2 cups and then simmer it.

(6) When rice gets cooked, strain the water, then add pour ghee from top and mix it and remove from heat.

Yakhni pulao is ready, serve hot!

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