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This is fast and easy to make without any complications.

Broiled Fingerling Potato

Recipe for Broiled Fingerling Potato


(1) Fingerling potato (sliced) - 400 grams
(2) White Vinegar- 2 cups
(3) Salt as required
(4) Olive Oil for brushing
(5) Pepper as required


(1) Heat a wok, add potato slices and vinegar and mix well, bring it to boil then lower the heat and cook for 10 minutes till potatoes get firm.

(2) Keep it aside for half an hour so that it will get cool down, then drain it with paper.

(3) Preheat the broiler and keep the rack 5 inches above the heat, then take a pan, put the potato slices, add olive oil, pepper and salt in it and toss to get coated.

(4) Arrange the potato slices on single layer in rack, broil it for 8 minutes then flip the slices and do the same so what the other part of the potato slice will be broiled too but broil for just 6 minutes because its already cooked 60%.

Broiled Fingerling Potato, serve and enjoy!

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